Computerised HR Management System for Future Managers
by Prem Kamble
B.Tech.(IIT), MBA(IIM)



This course not only trains the students to use a computerized HR system and get a hands on experience of the automated processes, it goes much beyond to train them as managers and future heads of departments to become a proactive  and intelligent partner in the automation process. It aims at making them IT savvy so that they can not only use IT to their best advantage, but get the best of IT folks by skillfully interacting with them and becoming an equal partner in the IT game.


Today, there is a big divide between Managers who are IT Aware and those who are not. This course will make them ready for the IT-Driven Corporate World as a skilled HR user, Process Automation consultant, HR Implementer, HR Automation Expert and HR Manager.







To make students capable of not only using the computerized HR package, but as managers, ensure efficient, smooth and flawless use of HRIS in their department and also contribute to the entire company by learning a unique skill as catalysts to IT Driven change.


To make the students better HR professionals, better HR Managers and better contributors to the Company in today’s IT-Driven Corporate World.




It is not just enough for HR MBA students to know the HR processes. With most organizations opting for computerized processes, students need to be familiar with the automated HR processes. There is more demand for professionals with exposure to automated business processes, and more so for those with hands on training on some HR systems.


Whereas most courses on automated processes cover the routine stuff like familiarizing the students with application packages like HRIS or ERP, this course goes much beyond. Since it comes from Prem Kamble, a CIO with over 25 years of industry experience, it aims to equip the MBA students with all aspects of automation that their job will demand -  not only as HR executives, but also future HR managers and as HR Department Heads.

With his very close interactions with users and keen observations of people during his tenure as CIO, Prem Kamble knows that software users need to play different important roles in the automation process apart from simply using the product effectively. MBAs not only need to know the nitty-gritty’s of using the product optimally, they should be able to perform the role of HR Business Analysts to improve automated processes, to define the specifications of automated HR processes in case they are part of the implementation team. Most important of all, they need to be able to, as managers and futureHeads of HR, be able to manage the transition to automated systems which is often the most difficult last mile of any automation project. When HRIS is implemented in your department, you as HR managers will play a very critical role which is more important than the role of IT Manager when it comes to the success or failure of the implementation process. This course will make you capable to effectively play that important role as a prime driver of change in your department.


So the course prepares the students to be effective users, IT-Driven change managers, effective business analysts to define and improve automated processes within their department. They will be able to smartly and intelligently interact with the IT folks to get the best out of them. They can also take up roles as Business Analysts or Functional Specialists in IT companies. Or they can play a more proactive role as catalysts in IT driven change – a role that is very potent HR role for IT Age businesses, but unfortunately nowhere in the world HR has recognized this.


Key Benefits


  1. Firstly, students will become familiar with computerized HR systems so that they are comfortable working in an environment in a company where they use Computerized HR system.
  2. They will understand the intricacies of a computerized application
  3. Students will not only be proficient in using the package, but in suggesting improvements.
  4. Students will know the intricacies of IT Transition from a manual system to computerized system so that they can intelligently interact with the IT folks to successfully implement HR system.
  5. Implementation of new system is a very difficult process. There are 70-80% failures in implementations. The students will be capable to be catalysts in the implementation of not only HR system but any other IT driven change
  6. Candidates will discover a new critical Role for HR ideally suited for HR department but not being performed by HRdepartments anywhere in the world. They will become proficient to perform this unique role and contribute to the company’s growth.
  7. Candidates will learn a unique skill which is very much needed in companies, not being performed by anybody in most companies, and which is best suited for HR professionals.
  8. Students will learn how to manage a Department with automated HR system
  9. They will learn not only how to use the package to their advantage, but as managers, how to lead efficiently, and make the best use of IT for their department as leaders in the department.
  10. Interested students can also take up a role of Business Analysts for HR processes in IT companies.



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