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Course Duration:   Short Course: 6-10 hours



Summary: Spiritual Studies is occupying a more and more important place in management education. This course provides a completely new look at spirituality and the concept of god. Though it exposes most of the myths in religion, it is not anti religions nor does it propound any single religion. It shows how a “scientific” or a “systems” look at the concept of god and religion reveals  the commonality of goals of all religions.





This course is based on Prem Kamble’s book available at titled “God in Two Minutes” which takes a ‘scientific’ and objective look at God and religion as has never been done before. This course may challenge some of your fundamental beliefs, so it is his humble request to come with an open mind. More details about the book are available at

The topic of Religion is very relevant to this time when religious fanaticism has shaken the world. Prem addresses the fundamental causes which have led to the great religious divide. This course can help root out religious fanaticism from this world and make the world a much better place to live in.

He explores how the concept of God and religion may have originated with noble intentions and how we have misunderstood it to divide ourselves. He has found the root cause of this debacle - a basic flaw in the ‘method’ of God and Religion which has prevented it from achieving its noble objective. He believes that it is important for every human being to be aware of this flaw. According to him, the concept of God and religion is a method devised ages ago for spiritual pursuits. The problem is that it is a “bullock cart” method and has not evolved to a “jet-age” method because of this inherent flaw which has stopped mankind from "thinking beyond".

Prem believes that man will break free from this trap and devise a new method. He introduces a concept which he has named as “Mentomatics” which will give us the jet-age method to attain “God in two minutes”. Just as Mathematics gave birth to Physical science and ushered in the Industrial and Information revolutions, Mentomatics will usher in the next big revolution – the Spiritual revolution. The laws of Spiritual world will be explained. The course gives a sneak-peek into this future.

Though he uses the basics of physical science in his course, what you will hear is not complicated science, not religion nor heavy philosophy. It is plain and simple common sense. He uses a unique method which he calls “Time Swing Analysis™” to make you realize how ideas and beliefs have got distorted over time and open your eyes to the fact that what you know today is nowhere close to what was originally conceptualized.

The course is, therefore, an “eye-opener” based on very original thoughts never written before. The views on God and religion, though consistent with all religions, can be contrary to common beliefs. So be ready for a healthy debate.

Comments by a Renowned Editor


This book explores the harmony between the physical and the mental forces. It tries to delve into the spiritual world and its comparison with the physical world throws open new avenues for thinking and gives a new direction to our search. It discusses the meaning of Fate, Chance and God and laments the distortion of religion whose origin it tries to trace.

The book makes an attempt to give a scientific explanation to the working of mental or the spiritual realm. He envisages that in future there would be a method to give man the state of mind he desires. For this, according to Prem, we need to first devise methods of measuring and representing qualitatively the feelings of love, confidence, hatred sadness and our other human emotions.

This unique book makes the reader sit up and think as he has never thought before and serves as an eye opener. Illustrative and easily comprehensible, the language used is simple and can be easily grasped by common man.

The thoughts expressed in the book will find favour with both the Indian and Western reading publics. It is the fusion of cultures that broadens horizons and perspectives.



Objectives and Benefits


Why is this course important to you and every human being? Most would say, “I am very open minded. I am not against other religions, so I do not do any harm to the world when I follow my faith and my religion”. Do you know that your very private beliefs too contribute to dividing the world? Do you know that YOU need to do something about this Great Religious Divide? If you love your children and wish a better future for your children, YOU NEED TO WAKE UP AND ACT NOW.

Prem’s course will help you open your eyes.



About Prem Kamble

Prem Kamble is a Management and IT Consultant, and author of an ebook titled “God in Two Minutes”. He has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from IIT Bombay and post graduate degree in Management from IIM Calcutta. He has passed Advanced Management course called "Energo Cybernetic Strategy” with flying colours from a German institute. He has also attended self-development programs like Est, Forum and Vipassana meditation.

Last he was Vice President and Head of Global Software Infrastructure at Sutherland, a multinational BPO. He has been a CIO for over 20 years in manufacturing and service companies like Essar, Pidilite, etc. in Mumbai. He has also worked as Software Delivery Head in SEI CMM Level 5 companies, where he created a unique record of delivering all projects on time. He attributes this success to his understanding of the psychology of change and an insight into people behavior under the impact of change.


He has published articles on InfoTech management in the country's leading magazines. Most of the articles display an 'out-of-the-box' thinking and a knack to see what is not so obvious. He has also written on psychology and spirituality. His articles on Psychology are based on his original thoughts and not based on books. His book “God in Two Minutes” is a unique, objective and “Scientific” analysis of God and Religion. Prem believes that his book will one day change the world. It will help explain the concept of religion and God and unite our world which is divided by religion. He believes that it will help usher in the next big revolution – the Spiritual Revolution.

Though these diverse areas of IT Management, Psychology and Spirituality may seem to be poles apart, most of his writings have two things in common – they are a study into the human psychology of change and they all try to bridge divides between people.


Prem Kamble is passionate about music and sports.  You can find most of his articles at his website and also reach him by simply searching in Google on “Prem Kamble” or “Mentomatics”, (a word he has coined. A Google search on ‘mentomatics’ throws out references only to Prem’s  work).



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