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What Every Manager Needs to know of IT  



Course Duration:   Full Course: 15 – 20 hours /  Shorter version: 6-10 hours






A manager has to cope with an ever-changing world. When single most driver of change today is IT, you as a top executive always wished that you knew technology. But you did not know where to start. You thought it was too technical and complex. There is good news! You do not need to know technology to be IT-savvy. Sounds unbelievable, but it is true. This course brings to you just the right inputs that you need to be successful in an ever-changing world. It is based on a deep study of this technology and its impact on the behavior of people. This is a unique Behavioral seminar on IT for Top Managers - unique because while most IT seminars talk of technology, this one is about some simple facts which are easy to grasp and will have a lasting impact on all managers irrespective of their area of specialization.


IT is a strange game – the person who knows how to communicate with the machines (IT Department) does not know the business and the person who knows the business does not know how to build a solution. In such a scenario, there is no option for both the IT folks and the Business experts to collaborate to develop or configure an IT solution. So far academic emphasis has been very lop-sided - emphasis has been on training people to build software. No one thinks of building the skills of the other half in order that they can effectively collaborate and contribute.


Whichever side of the IT game you plan to be on, this course will help you to improve your chances of success and create a Win – Win scenario. If you are on the solution developer side, you win because each success of a project brings you laurels and growth. If you are on the solution user side of the game, you win because a successfully implemented IT solution is sure to improve your department efficiencies and lead to your success and growth.


This course makes you aware of the technological, organizational, behavioural and psychological issues in technology, and thereby ensures your own success and growth in organizations.







Part I  - Socio-Psychological Issues In IT


Session 1 – Introduction

Session 2 –The Industrial Age Mindset

Session 3 – Building the Information Age Mindset

Session 4 – Rules of The Game in Industrial Era

Session 5 – Rules of The Game in Information Era

Session 6 – Misconceptions – The Psychology of Evolution to Information Era

Session 7 – Strengths and Weakness of InfoTech


Part II  - Organo-Managerial Issues in IT


Session 8 – Managing IT

Session 9 – Managing Change

Session 10 – Managing IT Driven Change

Session 11 – Cultural Change

Session 12 – Do’s and Don’ts for Managers

Session 13 – Business Process Re-Engineering

Session 14 – Key Factors For Success and Failure of IT

Session 15 – Trends and Summary



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