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Feedback by Participants on my Seminar 

Seminar for Top Executives
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The following is Feedback from some of the participants of the seminar on IT for Top Executives 

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" The message was quite good and a good eye opener. Especially for Top Management people. If this is understood, the divide between the IT professionals and the management can be narrowed. "

       - Mr. K L Jagan Mohan, Director, Air Liquide Medical Systems

" The seminar very well highlighted the problem with People while transforming to a highly computerised office"

       - R. Chandrasekar, Advocate Partner, PVS Giridhar and Sai Associates

"The seminar has changed my complete outlook to IT and IT people.The principles discussed in the seminar were so fundamental that I am now applying them to Law as well. There are similar issues in people's perception of Law" 

      - Mr. R. Chandrasekar, Advocate and Partner, PVS Giridhar & Sai (commented few days after seminar)

" Conceptualization is really good. Clear Message in simple words. "

       - S K Ghosh, Delivery Manager, AON Hewitt

" Real Case studies explained "

         - M. Srinivas, Plant Manager, Hindustan Colas Ltd.


" Explanation of pitfalls in technology was very good. "

       - Nagaraj Singh, Sr Analyst, BMM Ispat Ltd


" Concept is good. Subject is good. Need more live examples "

         - M Hanu Magapu, Director, Qatalys Software Technologies P. Ltd 

" This is what was good about the seminar:
  • Pace of Presentation
  • Sticking to the Subject
  • PPT Slide show with relevant images "

        - S.Vijayakumar, Director-Technical, Exeter Premedia Services Private Ltd



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