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Senior IT Consultant / ERP Enabler / Facilitator

                     Do You wish to cut time and cost of ERP Implementation? Do you wish to improve the success rate of ERP Implementation? Do you want ERP Implementation to be less stressful? Do you wish that your client sees eye to eye with your implementation team? Do you wish to troubleshoot and revive projects which are running into rough weather?

Service Offerings

 Services offered as facilitator or enable to Top Management, ERP Implementer, End User and IT Department

Trainer Role: Top Management Seminar - an eye-opener for senior mangers to realize:  What was wrong in their approach to technology and their interactions with technical people.  Why they feared IT for no reason.  How they can use technology and technical people to their advantage without themselves knowing technology.
Facilitator / Enabler Role: Assistance in managing IT Driven Change and Facilitate Major IT Implementations:  Selection of team, Team constitution, Roles and responsibilities, coordination with ERP Vendor/Implementor, Interface between IT, Implementor and users. Speaking both their languages  Ensuring Success , avoid pitfalls, avoid change related stress, facilitate change  Team building, IT - User Bonding, Empoweering CEO, HoDs
Trouble Shooter Role: Analysis of Problematic Projects and their revival.  Issues with team.  Process Issues.  Issues with user roles and responsibilities.  User Attitude issues.  Skills Gap.  Analysis of Internal and external causes.
Consultant Role:  Implementation Strategy Consulting


Service Options

The customer has a choice of availing the following services in isolation or combinations thereof (click here for details):


     Benefits  Cut time, cost of implementation and psychological stress during change  Improve the success rate of ERP Implementation  Stronger Bond beween IT Implementation Team and Client's Functional Managers.  Managers will be empowered to think positively, constructively to contribute to Smoother, Faster and more Effective Implementation  Cut losses due to failed and abandoned projects

Specific Services to ERP Implementer and End Client

Specific Services to ERP Implementer and End Client

As an Enabler or Facilitator, the following services will be offered to the ERP Implementers, Client Top Management, Actual Users of ERP and IT departments. Move the mouse over the boxes to enlarge them.

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