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Attention ERP Implementers!!!!



Do You wish to cut time and cost of ERP Implementation?


Do you wish to improve the success rate of ERP Implementation?


Do you want ERP Implementation to be less stressful and more fun?


Do you wish that your client sees eye to eye with your implementation team?


Help is on hand from Top Computer Professional  

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In two convenient options:

Option 1: Empower Managers through One-Time Seminar

Option 2: Empower, Facilitate and Provide Continuous Advise

Option 1: Empower Managers through One-Time Seminar (Pls see



  A Unique Behavioral Training on Technology for Top Managers



Train the senior management and empower them through one time seminar and enable them to manage ERP Implemenation project independently. Please see brochure for seminar titled "Getting Your Top Managers to Contribute to a Smoother ERP Implementation".

The seminar aims at ensuring success of IT Implementation by narrowing the gap between the IT Specialists and the Functional Managers so that the two form a strong cohesive team. The seminar is a result of a deep study of causes of IT failures and a close observation of people's behaviour under IT - Driven change.

Promises of the Training


-          Cut time, cost of implementation and psychological stress during change

-          Improve the success rate of ERP Implementation

-          Stronger Bond between IT Implementation Team and Client's Functional Managers.

-          Managers will be empowered to think positively, constructively to contribute to Smoother, Faster and more Effective Implementation


Guarantee of Success


The impact of any communication is high when something strikes you hard as an eye-opener. The seminar is an eye-opener for senior mangers to realize:

-          What was wrong in their approach to technology and their interactions with technical people

-          Why they feared IT for no reason

-          How they can use technology and technical people to their advantage without themselves knowing technology



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Option 2: Empower, Facilitate and Provide Continuous Advise (Pls see

One time Seminar and Consulting on Daily/Weekly/monthly basis. Pls see attached brochure for consulting.

One time Seminar and support with more frequent involvement - almost on a daily basis. Involvement and support on a day to day basis. ERP Facilitator and IT Consultant available for continuous advise to ensure smooth, timely and cost effective implementation.

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Seminar on

"What Top Executives Need to Know about IT"

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