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My Copyrights

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The following are the copyrights for my books, articles and seminars. (Also see my trademarks).

India Copyright for Book "God in Two Minutes"

copyright India for book God in Two Minutes

India Copyright for Seminar


US Copyright for Unpublished Book "God in Two Minutes"



My Copyright Details at US Copyright Website

Click here to find Copyright details of my article at US Copyright Website. If you search for my name "Kamble Premshankar" on US Copyright website, you get the following output:

US Copyright for my Article: "God and Religion - A 'Scientific' and Objective Look"

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Registration Number:   TXu-802-260
Title:   God and religion - a "scientific" and objective analysis.
Description:   1 v.
Note:   Text & ill.
Claimant:   [Author and claimant] Premshankar U. Kamble
Created:   1994
Registered:   9May97
Miscellaneous:   Rights & permissions info. on original appl. in C.O.
Special Codes:   1/B

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